Only 15 minutes to go

MAHLKÖNIG is the Official & Exclusive Grinder Sponsor of the World Barista Championships in 2016 & 2017.

15 very short minutes to prepare, to grind, to brew, to serve and to present – what had taken years of hard work, gaining experiences and unconditional passion to finally end up right here: on stage at the World Barista Championship.


Ever since the first competition took place back in the year 2000, the success of a World Barista Champion consisted of the same two essential elements: the coffee’s quality & the barista’s skills.
The growing area, the way of processing, transportation, storage and of course the roasting profile makes every specialty coffee a very unique masterpiece that may enchant coffee lovers from all over the world. And it is the baristas challenging task, to turn his selected precious coffee beans into an ultimate coffee experience for the judges of the World Barista Championship.


The German grinder manufacturer MAHLKÖNIG has always supported national as well as international barista competitions and promoted events and workshops around the globe – as showcasing and sharing knowledge is the best way to enhance the awareness of specialty coffee and of the barista scene.

With over 90 years of grinding experience and with its absolute dedication to coffee, MAHLKÖNIG developed one of the most favored espresso grinders in the world: the K30.


In 2009 MAHLKÖNIG became the official grinder sponsor of the World Barista Championship for the first time and provided special design versions of the K30 Vario for each event since then.
Now it is time to make the final step: MAHLKÖNIG becomes the Official & Exclusive Grinder Sponsor of the World Barista Championships 2016 & 2017.

A great honor and a big task at the same time, as MAHLKÖNIG has promised to provide K30 Vario’s not only for the World Championship itself but to make them available for national competitors to use for preparation before the event.


The espresso machines used at the World Barista Championships have always been the same models for each competitor. By using the same espresso grinder as well, the complete technical set-up will be the same throughout the competition – which will definitely intensify the focus on what finally determines between victory or defeat: the taste and the aroma of the specialty coffee and the talent, the skills and the passion of the barista.

MAHLKÖNIG is excited to start this exclusive sponsorship and looks forward to the upcoming two seasons filled with inspiring and thrilling presentations at the World Barista Championships!

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